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The Cocksure Lads have a storied past. Started as a joke between Moxy Fruvous bandmates, the Lads have taken on a life of their own.

Just before filming started, The Toronto Star took a look at the history of The Cocksure Lads and how writer-director Murray Foster has moved the band from a 1960s parody to a present-day quartet on the brink of success.

The Cocksure Lads – the biggest ’60s Britpop band that never existed
Parody band started as a joke by Moxy Fruvous members is releasing second album and working on a feature film.

“When it came time to shoot a music video, they decided there was enough potential in The Cocksure Lads to turn their story into a feature-length film. But that required some adjustments to the Lads’ narrative to avoid well-worn 1960s clichés.

Instead it’s set in modern-day Toronto, with the band about to kick off their first North American tour. But on the morning of their first show, they get in a fight over royalties and break up. The movie follows their adventures over the course of the day as they wander the city separately and learn ‘what it means to be a band.'”

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