n the mid 90′s, Murray Foster and Mike Ford were members of the Canadian folk-pop group Moxy Fruvous. Just for a lark (and because they loved that kind of music) they started writing songs in the genre of early 60′s Britpop – Gerry and The Pacemakers, Herman’s Hermits, early Beatles etc. Every year they’d write four or five more songs, simply out of a love for the music of that era. They started to think that this collection of songs would be the catalogue of some kind of fictitious band from the sixties. A friend of theirs from New York suggested a name for the band – The Cocksure Lads – and the name stuck.

The two of them continued to write songs for The Cocksure Lads for another decade, until by 2010 they had over twenty-five Cocksure Lads songs. They decided to go in to the studio and record them, and came out with The Greatest Hits of the Cocksure Lads, 1963-1968.

In 2011, they were talking with Danny Ameri (the friend from New York). He ran a video production company, and suggested he come up to Toronto to film a video for the Cocksure Lads. The more they talked about it, the more they realized what they really wanted to film was a movie. Foster wrote the screenplay, Ameri came up to Toronto and they shot a teaser trailer.

THE COCKSURE LADS MOVIE was released in theatres across Canada in August 2015. The Cocksure Lads Band continues to play live shows in the Greater Toronto Area.

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