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In London Town
Mr. Man
They All Wanted Me Back
Yes I Do
Not Today
Say Uncle (Garant Said)
When You Walk
Paddington Way
The Surprising Thing
Easy Peasy
Requiem for a Lad (feat. The Woosleywumps)
England My England
Our Love Is Strong

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The Greatest Hits of The Cocksure Lads (1963-1968)

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You’re A Cocksure Lad
A Case of the Dropsies
Ship’s Ahoy!
Umbrella Girl
Tricky Boo (Look Through My Window)
That’s Any Good
You Gotta Stay Cocksure
The Car Boot Light That Never Quite Shuts Off
Admiral Trafalgar
Mushy Peas
I’ve Already Been Loved, Love
Wellies in the Bath


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