Avi Federgreen – Executive Producer

Avi-FedergreenAvi’s nearly twenty years of experience in the Canadian film industry includes many highlights, from music videos to TV series to full-length feature films. Federgreen’s co-production credits are impressive and varied.

The feature film ONE WEEK, written and directed by Michael McGowan, was named Best Canadian Film in the 2008 Calgary and Edmonton film fests, and was an official gala screening at TIFF that year. The film surpassed the $1.2 million Canadian box office mark, was the #1 rental on iTunes, and finished in the top 10 on DVD sales in Canada during its first week of release.

HIGH LIFE, produced by Triptych Media and directed by Gary Yates, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and was featured at TIFF 2009. LESLIE, MY NAME IS EVIL, directed by Reginald Harkema, produced by New Real Films also screened at TIFF 2009, and lastly, the nationally acclaimed TV mini-series It’s Me…Gerald. (Showcase).

Also produced by Federgreen, SCORE: A HOCKEY MUSICAL, written and directed by Michael McGowan, was chosen to open the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

As Executive Producer, Federgreen is currently in post-production on the first ever Canadian fully-financed 3D feature film DEAD BEFORE DAWN.